Frequently asked questions

Whats included in your week long camp?

You get our Magic Kit mailed to you. Five daily Magic lessons. A magic wand and plenty of fun practicing and performing.

What age is appropriate for your class?

Our classes are designed for ages 6-12 within our live class we teach how to do the magic trick but we also offer additional tips and tricks for students that may be more advanced.

What tricks are included in your classes?

We currently run 4 levels of classes. Each week contains an exciting collection of magic that can be performed for family and friends. We have spent the last 25 years teaching magic. With this in mind we have go through thousands of tricks finding the best. Plus, we teach not only the method but also how to present the trick.

What will my child learn?

This is the best part. While your child is having fun and learning a magic trick they are actively learning and developing life skills. Deductive reasoning -------Understanding how the trick works. Interpersonal skills----------Presenting and performing the trick to others Perspective------------The performer sees one reality, the audience sees another.

My Child already has a magic set are these the same tricks?

Great question. the short answer is NO. The tricks selected for this course are fun, visiual easy to learn magic that teach concepts that are used by professional magicians. The long answer is..... I have been teaching magic to children at camps for over 15 years. I know every brand of magic set. Melissa & Doug, Fantasma, Royal, and many of the celebrity sets. These sets are produced in China and contain many of the same tricks. I have purposefully designed my course NOT to use these tricks. Also, NONE of my tricks are manufactured in CHINA. I have researched and study the art of magic from the late 1800's forward. I know every course taught via mailorder, magazine,TV, and now internet.